The Career Education Courses Based on Students’ Needs in the Form of “Class Selection System” Were Firstly Set Up in the High School Attached to NWNU
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    In the afternoon of June 6th 2020, the career planning courses in the form of “class selection system” were initially implemented in the High School Attached to NWNU in order to meet the students’ demand of knowing career information all over the world. A month’s efforts has been made to implement those courses, covering the processes of early planning, positive publicity, the employment of lecturers, students’ independent selections and official implementation, finally presenting “a feast of careers” satisfied with students, supported by parents and recognized by teachers.
    The aim of the implementation of career courses is to break the campus limit and make full use of social resources, letting the high school students have a preliminary understanding of career information. By doing so, the students’ planning awareness shall be stimulated and the students shall have a conception of their own future professional images and set their learning goals and make study plans in the current situation, which is conducive to the subjective initiative of learners.
    Finally 19 elites from all walks of life have been determined to undertake the teaching tasks of the course after positive publicity, voluntary signing-up and strict selection of the high school, respectively coming from various fields with transportation, medicine and health, artistic performance, news and media, military affairs, aerospace and education involved.
    The innovative point of the course implementation lies in the way of taking full consideration of students’ needs, which means that the students have the right to independently choose the course according to their interest. More specifically, a “class selection system” has been applied and there is no fixed classes for students attending the course. The lecturer should determine the theme of the course and finish the course profile in advance and then a course “list” with 19 different themes shall be presented to students for their independent choice based on their own interest and vision of future career.


    On the implementation day, the students went to different classrooms to listen to lectures with different themes in accordance with their own choices and had a hot discussion and active interaction with the lecturer.
    When the course ended, all the lecturers gave favorable comments on the implementation of the course, saying that it’s really very effective to implement the course because the high school students are at the critical moment of receiving career planning education. The core tasks of career education are to stimulate the students’ planing awareness, to cultivate their decision-making ability, to develop the ability of integrating interior and exterior information, and to learn to set future goals and make an overall plan of the future life, which are necessary knowledge and skills for the students to plan their own lives.
     All the lecturers involved in the event expressed their thanks to the High School Attached to NWNU for offering the opportunity of having a deep communication and exchange with the excellent students, whose seriousness and enthusiasm has left good impression on them.

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