The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University
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        The High School Attached to Northwest Normal University (Xīběi shīfàn dàxué fùshǔ zhōngxué) began as the Wucheng School in 1901. It moved to its present location in Lanzhou in 1937. Since that time it has repeatedly been named as one of the top two high schools in Gansu Province by the Ministry of Education.
        NWNU High School is located near the banks of the Yellow River in Anning District in the northwest part of Lanzhou City. The leafy grounds cover 25 acres and include ponds, gardens, and indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. There are dormitories for 2000 students, Chinese and Muslim cafeterias, two libraries, a small observatory, extensive science labs and a small natural history museum. The main library has 200,000 books, including several hundred in English, and 300 computer terminals.
        Currently the school has about 3000 students. Most of the students are from the local area but the school also attracts students from neighbouring provinces and around the country. There are 500 full- and part-time teachers at the school, including ten foreign teachers from The USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.
        We excel in a variety of academic and extra-curricular areas. Our students consistently come first in the province in science and math competitions and exams. The school has a prize-winning choir which tours internationally and strong basketball, volleyball and badminton teams. Graduates of our high school go to the top universities in China and abroad. Our graduates include members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering, members of regional government and industry leaders.
        In June 2013 students from our school came first in the province in both science and humanities sections of the National Gaokao Exam.
        In addition to the General program of education there are three special programs of study; the Humanities Experimental Class, the Science Experimental Class and the International Program. Each year over150 students from the International Program are admitted to mainstream American universities.
        The school is active in a variety of international exchange activities. Each year foreign students come to Northwest Normal University HIgh School on short-term and year-long programs to study the Chinese language. So far students from 20 countries have attended our program. Our teachers and students attend annual exchanges in England, France, America, Germany, Japan, Australia, Korea, New Zealand and other countries. We are proud to be sister schools with The King’s School in England.
        The school’s motto is Harmony, Tolerance and Perseverance. Following this, students and teacher in our academic community mutually support each other for our shared and individual success. 

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